• Dark Matter (Dark Roast) 12oz
  • Dark Matter (Dark Roast) 12oz

Dark Matter (Dark Roast) 12oz

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Dark Matter is our amazing dark roast that has hints of Walnut & Cacao. If you're not a coffee snob, you haven't had a dark roast like this. I think Dark roasts have gotten a bad name because a lot of places burn the shit out of their beans, and it brings out a super bitter taste. THIS IS NOT THAT. This specific roast actually brought me over to the Dark side. Its strong and smooth and works great by itself or if you like to cream it up. Our dark roast coffee beans come from Brazil and feature hints of walnut and cacao. 

Dark Matter uses only the freshest beans, ethically sourced from farms in Brazil. We then roast the beans to perfection in small batches, hand pack them for freshness and deliver them straight to your door. Bags are 12oz and resealable.

Customer Reviews

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Claire Garcia
Tried all three and love them!

I ordered the 3-pack during the “secret launch” and I love all three. My favorite is the dark matter dark roast, but all three are so delicious. I can’t go back to store bought coffee.

Tanisha B.
My standards have unfortunately been raised

I always joke that the worst thing you can do to someone that drinks coffee is show them what good, actually good, coffee tastes like, because they’ll never be able to enjoy cheap coffee again. And this coffee has proven my joke yet again!

We make the dark roast in our Flair 58 espresso machine and it is phenomenal. It’s smooth, delicious, and has a lovely mellow flavor. It makes for great cappuccinos and lattes. I highly recommend, but also caution! I don’t think I can go back to my old bitter, sour beans. 3


Love the Dark Matter blend - great, smooth taste


Husband loves the dark roast. Very fresh!

Kathryn Ross
Amazing coffee!!

Perfect for all my morning coffee needs! So dark & delicious!