3-Bag 12oz Variety Pack (25% OFF)

3-Bag 12oz Variety Pack (25% OFF)

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Try em all for 25-50% OFF our regular price of $18 per bag.

Guiding Light is our fantastic light roast that has awesome hints of caramel and green apple without overwhelming the amazing coffee flavor.

Happy Medium is our perfect medium roast that has hints of Hazlenut & Dark Chocolate.

Dark Matter is our amazing dark roast that has hints of Walnut & Cacao.

Bags are 12oz and resealable.

Customer Reviews

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Kathleen Arnold

Only thing better than the smell of grinding coffee is the taste of these coffees! Tried the three pack and they all have times of the day when they are my preference! Dark Matter for the morning, Guiding Light roast for the evening and Happy Medium anytime! Enjoy!


The 3 pack was great! Enjoyed the coffee with my son!


Great value, great flavor, great aroma. I can't drink coffee without cream and sugar, but I need much less to enjoy these roasts.

Josh B.
Amazingly good coffee!

I got the 3 bag variety in whole bean. Haven't opened the Guiding Light yet but Dark Matter and Happy Medium are both fantastic. Definitely going to reorder when its time.

J Rose
Get the whole bean!

We love the whole bean variety pack. The preground was so finely ground it kept clogging our machines. (Bought a new coffee maker to try and make it work, same result). Switched to whole bean, now we grind our own and get to enjoy the heck out of Wake and Make! Thanks Phil!