• 3-Tin 8oz Hot Cocoa Variety Pack (50% Off)
  • 3-Tin 8oz Hot Cocoa Variety Pack (50% Off)
  • 3-Tin 8oz Hot Cocoa Variety Pack (50% Off)
  • 3-Tin 8oz Hot Cocoa Variety Pack (50% Off)
  • 3-Tin 8oz Hot Cocoa Variety Pack (50% Off)
  • 3-Tin 8oz Hot Cocoa Variety Pack (50% Off)

3-Tin 8oz Hot Cocoa Variety Pack (50% Off)

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Are you decisively indecisive?! Why choose only one hot cocoa flavor when you can try all three with our 3-tin Holiday variety pack! Pure Chocolate Hot Cocoa mix, Peppermint Hot Cocoa and our Aztec inspired Spicy Hot Cocoa Mix are all included.

At Wake and Make Coffee, we use only the finest raw Arriba Nacional cocoa powder from Ecuador selected for its deep rich flavor. Morsels of Hairloom Certified 70% Arriba Nacional Pure chocolate bars are blended in for a luxuriously smooth taste and a texture that your mouth is going to love. We only worked with suppliers who buy direct from growers in equatorial regions with certified growing practices for sustainability and traceability.  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Scott Standish-Parkin
Surprising delicious bastard

I'll admit, I was just willing to try this because Phil had hand in creating it and I wanted to show support, but I wasn't expecting it to be amazing, just pretty damn good. Damn, I was wrong...This is pretty damn amazing actually. So good in fact, I have to get 3 new ones lol. My family is usually super picky and my girlfriend even more so, but all of us really enjoyed it and it is so perfect on a cold day. I'm always in for anything mint chocolate, but I fell in love with the spicy coco the most. I will be getting more as soon as possible.

Laurie McCarty
Great Flavors, Yummy Goodness

I am really enjoying the Wake & Make Hot Cocoa mix variety pack. My favorite is the Spicy Hot Cocoa mix as it is sweet but has that tiny "kick" of spice in each sip. My daughter loves the Peppermint mix with the splash of coolness in each cup. The Pure Chocolate mix is creamy and delicious. Give each flavor a try to find the one you love the most!

Dara C.
Love ‘em!

This line of hot chocolate is great! Peppermint Hot Chocolate is my favorite.

One bottle was open during delivery

I received the 3 cans of hot cocoa mix and couldn't wait to open the bag. The spicy one was for me but the other two were for my parents as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, the regular hot cocoa mix for my mom had opened up during shipping. The entire can of mix had emptied into the shipping bag and everything was coated in cocoa powder. It was a mess! Mom loves the Wake and Make Coffee and is looking forward to the cocoa.

Brittany Carter
Great hot cocoa!

This gave me the chance to try all three flavors since I couldn’t decide which one I wanted. I’m sad to say I loved all the flavors so I may end up getting this 3 pack again. Also can I just say thank you for not putting dairy in these! Trying to find a hot cocoa powder without dairy is really hard this time of year so I’m very glad I could get these!