• Guiding Light (Light Roast) 12oz
  • Guiding Light (Light Roast) 12oz

Guiding Light (Light Roast) 12oz

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Guiding Light is our fantastic light roast that has awesome hints of caramel and green apple without overwhelming the amazing coffee flavor. Other light roasts can often taste sour which can come from bad beans or bad roasting, but our amazing Guiding Light has low acidity so it a delight to sip. And as you'll find out it tastes amazing by itself (how I drink it), with a little cream, or if you're a latte boy or girl.

Guiding Light uses only the freshest beans, and is ethically sourced directly from Costa Rica. We then roast the beans to perfection in small batches, hand pack them for freshness and deliver them straight to your door. Bags are 12oz and resealable.

Customer Reviews

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Soooo yummy. Perfect size for someone that drinjs coffee only a few times a week.

Great flavor

This coffee tasted great and did its job of making me wake up slightly more in the morning

Chris and Nayeli Salinas

Both the light and medium roast are fantastic! Going to try the dark roast next! Excellent coffee.


One of the best coffees I’ve had in a long time. Highly recommend this brand.

Martin Ruckschlos
Light roast coffee, very good

Got the coffee, pretty quickly actually. Smelled phenomenal, tastes good. To be COMPLETELY honest, its good. But there smoother light roasts out there. So I'll be testing the medium and dark soon to see how those are. The light roast is definitely still very good, I just have about 10 different beans in my house. So I use it pretty regularly. Gonna need another bag soon.