• Happy Medium (Medium Roast) 12oz
  • Happy Medium (Medium Roast) 12oz

Happy Medium (Medium Roast) 12oz

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Happy Medium is our perfect medium roast that has hints of Hazlenut & Dark Chocolate. In my opinion our medium roast is the perfect landing spot OR starting point if you've only ever had mid-low quality coffee *cough* Starbucks *cough*. This is my go to for guests when I first give them Wake & Make coffees. Though I still recommend you buy the variety pack because a lot of people think they like light, medium, or dark roasts because of bad roasting.

Our Happy Medium Roast coffee uses only the freshest beans, and is ethically sourced directly from the Santos region of Brazil. 
We then roast the beans to perfection in small batches, hand pack them for freshness and deliver them straight to your door. Bags are 12oz and resealable.

Customer Reviews

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Chelsea Austin
Very good

Very good

Zachary Banks
Excellent Coffee

The boldness of the flavor for a Medium Roast is quite surprising. As a person who has sold and drinks coffee regularly, this has found a home in my normal rotation, and will be a Holiday Gift for any of my coffee loving friends!
If you are thinking about getting this coffee, stop thinking and buy it!

Stefan Stauffer
Great profile and consistent across bags

Good and consistent roasting. I make espresso based drinks in the morning and Happy Medium has a nice balance of natural and roasted flavors. I waited to put in a review because I've had instances where different bags from the same company and marketed the same come completely different in roast level. After 3 months and 3 bags, I can confidently say I know how I'm going to dial in my grind and the notes I'm going to get. Little to no guess work or variability between bags which I couldn't be happier about.

Colleen Lawrence
Coffee so good you actually get out of bed:)

I purchased this coffee to motivate my retired guy out of bed. If I have to be up and leave the house at butt crack of dawn he can get up before noon:) He loves the coffee and he does enjoy it,it is part of his working in the garage on projects drink . Black usually for the first cup and if he has a second a little creamer so he can enjoy it coolish. Thanks so much for a great cup of coffee.

Warren Thompson

Really good coffee ☕️
Really smooth taste. I stopped using creamer with it. Just black it's very good.